Saturday, 18 February 2012


So today I've made a cow print fleece hoody with little ears :) Very cute!

This is a brief overview of its construction....

Yummy fabric - here I come to cut you up heeheeee!

All the pieces cut out and ready for sewing...

I started by overlocking the shoulders together....

....then the arms to the front and back pieces....

...then I overlocked the arm seams and side seams, creating the main body.

Ready for hemming - getting the length right!

Pinned and ready to sew the hem...

First line of stitching for the hem....then i overlocked the edge.

I turned the hoody the right way out and sewed a second line of stitching parallel to the first line, securing the overlocked edge on the underside.

Then I did the same with the sleeves...

The main body finished...time for the hood!

Hood pieces sewn together, then ears sewn on...

After a few more bits n bobs, hood finished :)

Time to attach the hood - I placed the hood inside the main body which was also inside out, pinning to keep everything evenly in place...Then overlocked the edge making sure everything was even

Turned right side out - voila! 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Beautiful bv :)

I'm always a bit scared about dyeing - you can plan what its going to be like, and to an extent make that plan work. But its only when you take the fabric out of the dyebath and rinse it that you get a true idea of how it'll look - and believe me, overnight is a looooong time to wait in suspense!

I really enjoyed creating this bamboo velour for a customer - a mix of greens, blues and purples blended and contrasted, to create this supersoft squishy fabric, ready for sewing.

In the dye bath....

Rinsed rinsed washed washed rinsed ready to cut out :)

I think it turned out pretty well - not as planned lol! But not far off :)

So here are the finished products - I hope the little guy who these are for likes them - they are soooooo soft!

Thankyou for reading my blog! x